Civilization VI: Pericles Leads Greece

Pericles was an influential Greek statesman and general of the Athens army during the Golden Age of Athens. He oversaw a period of strong economic and cultural growth immediately following the successful defense against the invading Persian army in 478 BC.

After making peace with Persia, Pericles moved the unified Greek armies to Athens and what was a loose collection of independent Greek city-states soon after became the Athenian Empire. During this time of unification, Athens produced some of the most influential cultural artifacts humanity has ever seen, and was home to famous playwrights, historians, philosophers, physicians and more.


Unique District: Acropolis

The Acropolis, which literally means “upper city” in Greek, is a fortified settlement built upon a hill or higher ground. The hilltop location provides strong defensive capabilities and, in many ancient cities, the Acropolis was the most central part of city. The Acropolis of Athens in Greece is the most iconic of these structures and has had several famous buildings erected on its premises, including the Parthenon.


Unique Unit: Hoplite

These citizen-soldiers of ancient Greek city-states were outfitted in bronze armor and carried a long spear and short, round shield. Hoplites received basic military training and primarily fought in the phalanx formation, a combat technique pioneered by Greece’s generals between 750 and 350 BC.

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