Civilization VI - June 2020 Game Update Available Now

Hello, Civilization fans! We’re excited to release a new update, available today for all Civilization VI players. 

Headlining this update is Red Death - Season 2, a new iteration of the PC multiplayer mode. Incorporating two additional factions, Red Death Season 2 also introduces unique faction abilities for both old and new cliques. Which faction will you join as you attempt to escape the Red Death?

Below, you will find the full notes on today’s update. 



Red Death - Season 2

New Playable Factions

Faction Unique Abilities - Every faction, both old and new, has been outfitted with a unique ability.

Observer Mode – Upon defeat, players can now activate Observer Mode to watch the remainder of the match. Chat from players using Observer Mode will be hidden to remaining players.

You hear that? That’s the wasteland wind. Civilization VI’s narrator joins the Red Death as game commentator!

Additional quality of life and AI improvements implemented.

Kick Voting


Items in the list below apply to the Gathering Storm ruleset only.

Natural Wonders



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