Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – Kupe Leads the Maori

The Maori, led by legendary figure Kupe, set sail in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. According to Maori legend, Kupe was a navigator who set sail from his home of Hawaiki sometime in the 10th century and discovered the then-unknown land of New Zealand. Upon returning home, he convinced others to migrate with him to this new land.

Unique Ability – Mana

“Mana” grants the Maori the Sailing and Shipbuilding technologies at the start of the game, and provides additional movement and combat strength for embarked units. Unimproved Woods and Rainforest areas yield more Production, and Fishing Boats provide additional Food and perform a Culture Bomb on adjacent tiles when constructed.

Unique Building – Marae

Replacing the Amphitheater, the Marae provides Culture and Faith to all tiles in the city with a passable feature, such as Floodplains. The Marae also provides Tourism when unlocking the technology for Flight.

Unique Unit – Toa

The Toa, a classical-era melee unit, can construct the Pa – a unique defensive structure that provides combat bonuses for allied occupying units. Toa also have the “Haka War Dance” ability, which weakens adjacent enemy units’ combat effectiveness.

Kupe Unique Ability – Kupe’s Voyage

The legendary tales of Kupe’s discovery of New Zealand inspire his unique leader ability, “Kupe’s Voyage.” The Maori civ actually begins the game at sea, and receive Science and Culture each turn prior to settling its first city. Once settled, the Maori receive a free Builder and extra population in the capital, and the palace receives additional Housing and Amenities.


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