Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - Wilfrid Laurier Leads Canada

Canada tames the Great White North in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Canada’s leader is Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, remembered for his strong advocacy for uniting French and English-speaking citizens under one national banner.

Unique Ability – Four Faces of Peace

This ability prevents Canada from declaring surprise wars on opponents or declaring war on City-States, but also ensures that surprise wars can’t be declared against Canada. Grants bonus Diplomatic Favor based on per-turn Tourism, and Canada receives extra Diplomatic Favor from successfully completing Emergencies or Scored Competitions.

Unique Building – Ice Hockey Rink

Ice Hockey Rinks grant additional Appeal and Amenity, and bonus Culture for each adjacent Snow, Snow Hills, Tundra, and Tundra Hills tile. Once the Flight technology is unlocked, grants Tourism from Culture; after unlocking the Professional Sports Civic, awards additional Production and Food; and, if built adjacent to a Stadium building, grants even more Culture. Only one Ice Hockey Rink allowed within a city’s borders.

Unique Unit – Mountie

This modern era unit has the ability to create a National Park. Mounties receive combat bonuses when fighting near a National Park, and an additional combat bonus if the National Park is owned by Canada.

Laurier Unique Ability – The Last Best West

This ability allows Canada to build farms on Tundra terrain, and reduces the cost of purchasing Snow and Tundra tiles by half. Gathering accumulated resources from Snow and Tundra tiles yields twice the usual amount.


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