Civilization VI - First Look: Menelik II Leads Ethiopia

Emperor Menelik II, born Sahle Miriam, was one of Ethiopia’s most celebrated leaders. He ruled from 1889 to 1913, during which time he successfully fought off foreign invaders and expanded his kingdom’s borders; established a national currency; built schools and railways; and introduced a national postal and telegraph system so citizens could stay in touch with one another.

Unique Leader Ability - Council of Ministers

Menelik II earns additional Culture and Science based on the Faith of cities built on Hills. Additionally, his units have extra strength when fighting on Hills. 


Unique Unit - The Oromo Cavalry

Ethiopia’s elite units have improved Strength and Sight over other cavalry units. They also suffer no movement penalty when traversing Hills. 


Unique Improvement - The Rock-Hewn Church

This unique improvement may only be built on Hills or Volcanic Soil and provides Faith. Can only be pillaged, not destroyed, by natural disasters. 

Unique Ability - Aksumite Legacy

Ethiopia’s unique ability allows cities to earn additional Faith from resources, especially international trade routes originating from resource-rich cities. This ability also grants Ethiopia the ability to purchase Archaeology Museums or Archaeologists with Faith. 


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