Watch Will and Dave's GDC 2015 Talk

In March of 2015, Civilization: Beyond Earth lead designers Will Miller and David McDonough were invited to attend the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco and present a design retrospective on the game’s development. Their talk, “More Than This World: A Design Retrospective,” is a look back on the development of that game’s design.

Will and David begin the talk by discussing the strengths of working with the established Civilization team, and their objectives in creating Beyond Earth. They talk about how the tech web and Affinity system helped create the idea of future human progress, and how the world serves as a character in a Civ game. They also discuss the ways in which the team set the tone for the game with cinematics, music, and the exposition and mood. Finally, they present a few of the lessons learned through development.

Civilization: Beyond Earth was released in October 2014, and this talk was given shortly before the Spring 2015 patch, which introduced a number of changes to the Wonders in the game, as well as a significant gameplay balance pass. In light of that, note that when you hear Will and David referencing “an upcoming patch,” they were referring to the patch released in March.

You can watch the full talk here on the GDC vault: