The Affinities of Civilization: Beyond Earth: Harmony

Embracing an Affinity in Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will define how humankind changes to survive on the new planet which they call home. Throughout this month we have been discussing what this new system is and how it comes to life in Beyond Earth. Co-Lead Designers Will Miller and David McDonough are joined by Art Lead Mike Bates in this Q&A about the Harmony Affinity.

1. What are the defining aspects of this Affinity?

The Harmony Affinity is themed around a faction’s integration with the alien planet. Players who decide to develop the Harmony line will transform their people through genetic manipulation to become one with the alien environment. Units and buildings take on more organic forms, so you end up with tons of cool unique units like tanks that look like living creatures.

2.What geological, technological, or other benefits does this Affinity have over others?

Harmony has many benefits, but the biggest and most exciting one is having the planet on your side. Everything that was so scary at the start of the game (miasma, hostile aliens, and giant worms for example) can now be utilized to your advantage. You won’t forget your first siege worm. Neither will your enemies.

3.When designing the look for this Affinity, what served as inspiration?

Mike Bates – When designing Harmony, we used curvilinear shapes to evoke an organic quality. Even though Harmony is the Affinity closest to being “alien,” we wanted to avoid vivid greens so no one’s first thought is about “little green men.” Harmony ended up with a more grayish green that is unique to Beyond Earth. We also use colors found in the natural resources of the planet to help distinguish this Affinity.

4.What would a person aligned with this Affinity say to someone aligned with the others?

“I love the smell of miasma in the morning.”

Which Affinity fits your personality and gameplay style? Not sure which Affinity you will embrace? You can review the Purity and Supremacy posts and then check out our post about the Affinity System before making a guess.

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