Mod of the Week: Men of War

Welcome to Mod of the Week, where we highlight Civilization: Beyond Earth mods created by the community. This week: Men of War.

A marine chokes on miasma as he drops to the ground. This hostile world, rich with alien life, has claimed another soul - one of your souls. But did you even know this marine's name? Of course you didn't; you're a cold, merciless despot.

Well, no time like the present to change your ways. Men of War, a mod for Civilization: Beyond Earth from Steam user TheN00b, aims to make your units a little more personable by giving each of them unique names, platoons and companies. Instead of simply being "Marine," your unit is now known as "Souless Warriors" of the 1st Platoon, 1st Infantry Company division. That should strike fear into the hearts of your opponents!

These names also increase the potential of making you care a bit more. It's tough to be cavalier with the lives of your infantry if you've met Carl and know he's really into collecting stamps, you know?

You can download Men of War on Steam Workshop here.

What do you think of Men of War? Does it make you care about your troops a bit more? Got a better mod to share with us? Sound off in the comments below or let us know what you think on Twitter at @Civgame and on Facebook!

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