Mod of the Week: Aliens - Unlimited Exp

Welcome to Mod of the Week, where we highlight Civilization: Beyond Earth mods created by the community. This week: Aliens - Unlimited Exp.

You like killing aliens in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Hey, we're not judging you. It's your thing. Everyone knows that about you.

But what if you want to continue to earn experience for your alien extermination efforts even when you're well into conquering foreign worlds? At some point, the experience faucet gets turned off. The satisfaction of purging alien life from this world can only motivate you for so long, after all.

Enter: Aliens - Unlimited Exp, a mod by Steam user BlouBlou that makes sure the experience faucet never gets turned off. You can eradicate aliens as much as you want and continue to earn experience for your units throughout your entire game of Civilization: Beyond Earth. You'll gain experience at any level when fighting aliens.

You can download Aliens - Unlimited Exp on Steam Workshop here.

What do you think of Aliens - Unlimited Exp? Do you like to kill aliens or do you think we should peacefully coexist with them? Do you have a better mod to share with us? Let us know in the comments below or show us on Twitter at @Civgame and on our Facebook page!

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