Make Your Own Mods for Beyond Earth

If you've been paying attention to our blog here - and we hope you have - then you've likely seen our Mod of the Week series. Each week, we scour Steam Workshop for our favorite Civilization: Beyond Earth mods then choose one to present to you, dear player. These mods have so far run the gamut from full-on custom Sponsors like The Iron Pact and Vesperian Confederacy, to simple things like Colorful Tech Web and InfoAddict. With mods, anything is possible.

For the past two weeks, Firaxis Games has provided modding tutorials during the studio's weekly livestream. These tutorials have shown us all how to incorporate custom changes into the game, and Firaxis has shown us which files to edit, how to edit them, then how to incorporate those custom changes into Beyond Earth. It's been truly enlightening stuff!

And so here we are, anxious to see how the community takes this knowledge and publishes their own creations on Steam Workshop. We'd love to hear from you! Show us your custom creations, post about them in your preferred Civilization community and hopefully one day your mod will be featured as the Mod of the Week!

In addition to the building and Wonder tutorials above, there's a tutorial over on Wikia documenting how to incorporate custom units into the game. Give it a read here!

Want to know where Civilization fans gather? These are good places to post about your Beyond Earth creations:

And, don't forget, you can send us your creations directly through social media!

Happy modding!