Firaxis Games update on Beyond Earth feedback

An update from Firaxis Games regarding Beyond Earth feedback:

Since we launched Civilization: Beyond Earth on the 24th, we've received reports that some of you are having technical issues with the game, in addition to some well thought out feedback on possible balance improvements. We thank you for your feedback and we want to let you know that the team is working on an update to address some of the issues people are experiencing in the game, as well as continuing to make improvements to gameplay and balance overall.

Here is a list of technical issues we are looking to address (please know this list is not all inclusive and we will continue to track and research issues that are reported).

- Correcting screen resolution problems, particularly related to the 144hz refresh rate full-screen (or lack of full-screen) issue.
- Investigating a start-up problem where the game shuts down with an error immediately following the opening movie.
- Investigating crash issues submitted by users, and through Steam crash reporting.
- Adding an in-game option to disable depth of field effect for players that prefer the game without this.

- Ongoing updates to in-game text, tool-tips, etc.
- Correcting an issue where actions could be missing from embarked workers (like repairing a pillaged water improvement)
- Adding "Completed" section to city production menu so players know what they just finished.
- Adding advanced touch controls, gesture support, pen support.

- Achievements not firing if Max Turns was set in previous games. Also investigating some other possible causes.

- Fixing 2D leader fall-back image support for all graphics quality settings

- Investigating reports of potential multiplayer stability issues

There are also other bugs under investigation. If you’re working with 2K Support, and sending along savegames or dxdiag files, that information is coming directly to Firaxis as well and will help us out. We’ll provide additional details on bugfixes as we verify and correct them.

As you saw during the lead-up to launch, we continue to iterate on design through development (remember the station Adept Blue? It got nerfed a month before launch). As we have done in the past, we will continue to iterate and address issues after launch as well. Our players’ feedback on balance drives the design team’s goals for the game. We’ll have more information on the balance changes as the design team has a chance to evaluate and implement your feedback.

We’ll also let you know more about the timing of the upcoming patch as we assemble more information. Thanks for your patience and continuing dialog with us as we continue to support Beyond Earth.

-The Firaxis Games Beyond Earth development team