Beyond Earth Mod of the Week: The Northern Stellar Dominion

Welcome to Mod of the Week, where we highlight Civilization: Beyond Earth mods created by the community. This week: The Northern Stellar Dominion.

In the wake of the Great Mistake, as numerous countries and continents were rocked and, in some cases, completely obliterated, Canada was left largely unaffected. Thanks to its huge land mass, the core of Canada was able to survive the Great Mistake, while the country's northern regions and coastal cities were left to fend for themselves. Out of this catastrophe, the Northern Stellar Dominion was formed.

This custom Civilization: Beyond Earth Sponsor, created by Steam users NotSoLoneWolf and AbstractBuffalo, is quite interesting - not just due to its lore, but due to its emphasis on the orbital layer. The Northern Stellar Dominion enjoys extended orbital coverage for its capital, increased production rates from orbital units and additional Science perks from tiles with Array improvements. Launch those satellites!

In addition to the orbital modifiers, this custom Sponsor also adds 9 new loadout options, a new technology to research and a pair of new units - one of which is unique to this sponsor.

You can download The Northern Stellar Dominion on Steam Workshop here.

So what do you think of a Sponsor focusing entirely on the orbital layer? Do you have a mod you'd like to share with us? Let us know on Twitter at @Civgame and through our Facebook page!

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