Beyond Earth Mod of the Week: Siege Range Plus

Welcome to Mod of the Week, where we highlight Civilization: Beyond Earth mods created by the community. This week: Siege Range Plus.

Your Civilization: Beyond Earth siege units get the job done, but don't you wish they had just a little more range? The mod community has stepped up, in prescient fashion, to fulfill that need of yours. How convenient!

With the Siege Range Plus mod, your Missile Rovers and other siege units can now attack targets one additional tile away. Now your Missile Rover operators can fire off their rockets then lounge back in their special battlefield chair, enjoy a nice tall glass of lemonade and watch their missiles lay waste to the enemy from afar - much more afar than previously possible. This mod even applies to LEV Destroyers, SABRs and Cruisers.

You can download Siege Range Plus from Steam Workshop here.

What do you think of Siege Range Plus? Do you enjoy that range or do you prefer your battles to be a close, intimate affair? Do you have a mod you'd like to share with us? Let us know on Twitter at @Civgame and through our Facebook page!

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