Beyond Earth Mod of the Week: Faster Embarked Movement

Welcome to Mod of the Week, where we highlight Civilization: Beyond Earth mods created by the community. This week: Faster Embarked Movement.

You've amassed quite the army in Civilization: Beyond Earth. You're ready to venture out and conquer new territories on this alien rock. Your units hit the water, but you're an impatient would-be conqueror. You wish your units had just a tad more freedom navigating these alien waters. That's where the Faster Embarked Movement mod comes into play.

This mod, created by Steam user “bernd-das-brot,” enables your units to move two additional tiles while embarked. All you need to do is research Geophysics, Fabrication and Field Theory on the Tech Web, and your units are empowered to move much further across the waterways of humanity's new home. And since you need to research this tech to enable the improved movement, this mod adds a new wrinkle to the strategy of planning your army's development throughout the course of the game.

You can download Faster Embarked Movement on Steam Workshop here.

What do you think of Faster Embarked Movement? Do you want your units to have greater movement across the water? Do you have a mod you'd like to share with us? Let us know on Twitter at @Civgame and through our Facebook page!

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