Spoils of War, Unsinkable Convoys, and the Black Market: Upcoming changes in Beyond Earth: Rising Tide

A patch for Beyond Earth: Rising Tide will be released soon. In addition to bug and UI fixes, this patch introduces changes to the War Score system and combat resolution, Covert Ops, and Trade Units that will have a major impact on the game.

Beyond Earth: Rising Tide introduced War Score to diplomacy, giving players both a concrete indicator of how conflict against another faction was progressing, and as a benchmark for the potential resolution of these conflicts. A situation can arise in the game where a player can get so far ahead of an opponent’s faction that no terms can end the conflict, because to do so would remove the opponent faction from the game. The team has introduced a new system that will resolve this issue and open up new choices in victory: Spoils of War.

The Spoils of War system works on the difference in War Score between the two sides. If an AI agrees to settle a conflict, players will see a new screen showing what technologies, yields, and cities they can demand of the loser. Each of these has an associated cost. The player can purchase these spoils up to the difference in War Score. A winning player can choose to demand less than the full difference, and the AI will accept the lesser terms.

Likewise, if a player is losing a conflict and agrees to settle with an AI, they must pay out spoils of at least the difference in the War Score. If the player cannot meet the full payment, the AI will recognize that the player is offering everything they can, and accept accordingly.
In multiplayer, whoever initiates peace sets the terms, and the other player may accept or reject the terms of the proposal. If a player wishes peace but doesn’t like the offered terms, they must create a counterproposal.

Trade Units have been consolidated to a single amphibious unit. Trade Vessels have been removed from the game. Trade Convoys previously became amphibious only after researching the Planetary Survery branch tech, and until a player researched that tech, only Trade Vessels could cross the oceans. The Thermohaline Rudder has been moved to take the place of Amphibious Trade on the tech web.

Covert Ops now includes the “Black Market” section. By assigning an agent to this operation, you can trade Diplomatic Capital for Strategic Resources. Your agent’s rank modifies the number of resources you can gain and the cost you pay for these resources.

A complete list of changes in this patch is listed below:

o Added the Spoils of War system – players will now be able to choose what spoils they will offer/claim when declaring peace.
o Fixed an issue that could cause old Agreements not to clear properly when switching traits.
o Fixed an issue with War declarations on Stations.
o Fixed an issue that prevented AI allies from joining a war if they hadn’t met the opponent and the war started before the alliance was formed.
o Fixed an issue where some AI leaders would send communiques inappropriately while at war.

o Quest update pop-ups now appear each time a new objective is received.
o Fixed several quests that were not always tracking objectives correctly.
o Olivia Ross quests will no longer choose tiles with an existing improvement.
o Fixed an issue that prevented the area of effect boarders to no show up around activated minor Marvel nodes on the Fungal biome.

Agents/Covert Ops
o Added new “Black Market” section in Covert Ops that allows you to assign agents to trade Diplomatic Capital for Strategic Resources.

o AI will now use Covert Ops better – better prioritization, raising intrigue, and using higher level ops.
o Increased AI desire for expansion via founding cities.
o Improved AI ratio of ranged-to-melee naval ships

Art & UI
o Fixed issues where multiple or incorrect units could appear in unit viewer and/or Combat Preview panel.
o Fixed an issue that could cause the Diplomacy screen to not close or not show a Leader.
o Planet description text now shows up in tooltip of Planet Type.
o Biome is now listed when looking at map type in game menu.
o FX now play appropriately for all Beacons and Gates.
o FX now plays appropriately for Creating a Coup
o FX now plays appropriately for activation of Frigid and Fungal Marvel Nodes.
o Fixed an issue where water-specific tile improvement visuals would disappear when pillaged.
o Kozlov’s extra strategic resources now show up correctly in top panel tooltip.
o Added sorting functions to Trade Route Overview.
o Added notification for when you are pulled into a war because of an alliance.
o Fixed several issues with incorrect font size.
o New Tech Web filter for “Aquatic”.
o Fixed an issue where the Artifacts Reward pop-up would reappear after having closed and reopened the window.
o Fixed an issue where certain expedition icons would not properly clean-up when completed.
o Attack Range changes now properly update in the unit upgrade panel.

o Trade Vessels have been removed and Trade Convoys are now amphibious by default. (Thermohaline Rudder was moved to replace Amphibious Trade on the Tech Web.)
o Ultrasonic Fence is a stronger deterrent to keeping aliens away.
o Orbital units no longer receive inappropriate penalties/bonuses for land/sea production modifiers.
o On lowest difficulty only 1 AI will start a war with a player at a time.
o Disciplined trait perks increased to 20/40/60%.
o National Security Project wonder mod will no longer apply to Move City.
o Conquered/gifted cities will no longer inappropriately give free buildings or units.
o Machine Assisted Free Will now reduces the cost of Leaf Techs by 20%, and costs 1000 Production.
o Quantum Politics now increases Virtue acquisition by 15%, and costs 400 Production
o The Dimension Folding Complex now costs 300 Production.
o The Tessellation Foundry now costs 650 Production.
o Temporal Calculus now costs 650 Production.
o The Relativistic Data Bank now costs 400 Production.
o The Lush Marvel quest now requires the player to biopsy 5 alien remains (up from 3).
o Smart Grid agreement now has a 100 energy per-turn cap to prevent runaway energy gains.

o Fixed an issue that would prevent players from Razing a city after a capital has been transferred to another city.
o Fixed an issue where remote players could autoend turn before Planetfall.
o Fixed an issue in Domination victory when an alien destroys a capital.
o Fixed an issue that could cause hover units to stop automated exploration.
o Fixed an issue with the achievement “Silent Service” claiming to require 100 units killed, instead of the actual 10 needed.
o Moved the button to explore minor Marvel nodes to the upper unit action bar.
o You may now continue playing after being Defeated (except when defeated by Domination).
o Fixed an issue where a base-game Achievement wouldn’t trigger with DLC turned on.
o Fixed several reported crashes.
o Fixed many text errors.