Rising Tide's Hybrid Affinities Revealed

One of the changes that Rising Tide brings to Beyond Earth is hybrid Affinities. Hybrids represent a society that may have a prominent Affinity, but also consider alternative possibilities for humanity. The resulting hybrids not only show interesting ideas (the basis of all really good science fiction), but also have discrete gameplay benefits.

Hybrid Affinity: Harmony and Supremacy

Affinities still function in much the same way as Beyond Earth. As you progress in your Affinity, your units unlock upgrade choices. You also gain access to bonuses for your faction, and eventually gain access to the Affinity-related victory conditions (Transcendence, Emancipation, and Promised Land victories). Affinity levels are gained through quest choices, technology, and events within the game itself.

They hybrid Affinities are designed to allow players to benefit from leveling up in two Affinities, instead of suffering penalties for not specializing in one from the start. A player might start developing down one Affinity, before switching mid-game in response to a need to change a technological focus, or to a change in resource availability. With a new Affinity focus, the old Affinity levels still offer advantages for the player, rather than having to start their progress from scratch.

Hybrid Affinity: Purity and Harmony

Supremacy-Purity represents a society where human beings are dominant, but have engineered elaborate robots that serve their needs. Human beings rule, and robots and machines execute at their whim. Purity-Harmony idolizes the human form, but uses the genetic discoveries of the new world to push that idealism to previously impossible heights. Harmony-Supremacy envisions humanity as a flexible extension of its technology and planetary ecosystems, not bound to either, but willing to draw power from the best advantages of both machines and organisms.

Hybrid Affinity: Supremacy and Purity

There are unique hybrid Affinity military units scattered through the technology web. These can be constructed when the player reaches certain threshold Affinity levels. The Golem, for example, is a powerful defensive unit unlocked through the Bioengineering tech, and requires Level 5 in both Supremacy and Purity. In addition, conventional military units can be upgraded to hybrid Affinity variants: Rovers, marines, and cutters, for example.

Players don’t need to confine themselves to a single hybrid Affinity, either. With careful planning, a player could take advantage of both Supremacy-Purity and Purity-Harmony hybrid units in their arsenal.

Hybrid affinities are another of the major systems that Rising Tide will bring to Beyond Earth. How will they change your game?

Check out some footage of Hybrid Affinities below!