First Hands-On Previews for Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide

We're very excited today, because we're able to share with you all impressions from our first hands-on demo of Rising Tide, the upcoming expansion to Civilization: Beyond Earth.

We invited select press and new media fans out to 2K for a special look at the first 150 turns of Rising Tide. This demo includes new aquatic gameplay elements, artifacts, an all-new Frigid biome - replete with biome-specific alien AI - and access to 2 new Sponsors: Al-Falah and the North Sea Alliance. You can learn more about Al-Falah here, and feel free to read up on the North Sea Alliance here.

In Gamespot's preview, the outlet said that Rising Tide presents a "neverending urge to take just one more turn." Gamespot added that players should prepare to "succumb to that urge" when Rising Tide launches this fall.

In Polygon's preview, they noted that Rising Tide delivers more than expected. "On the face of it, Rising Tide is about the addition of water-based cities. But it's also about more dialog, more transparency, more data, more choice to shape one's own character through optional traits as well as a whole diplomatic resource to gather and spend."

For Gaming Revolution, Rising Tide "rewrites so much of the core Beyond Earth gameplay that it could be imagined as, for all intents and purposes, a sequel."

You've probably already seen other coverage out there on the internet, but we also produced our own walkthrough of the new mechanics and game features in Rising Tide. You can watch that featurette below.


In addition to the featurette, we also produced a pair of focused videos for the community. The first video below offers a deep dive of Rising Tide's new Diplomacy system with Lead Producer Andrew Frederiksen, while the second video offers some general impressions and info on the new Artifacts system with noted strategy aficionado, Quill18. Enjoy!