Religion Gets a Reboot in the Civilization VI ‘Fall 2017 Update’


The “Fall 2017 Update” brings some major changes. The biggest: An update to the Religion system is coming to Civilization VI. I’m Sarah Darney with the dev team, and here’s a quick heads up on some of what you can expect.


Religion gets fleshed out with new beliefs and religious units. Two new Pantheons will be get introduced into the game, along with new Founder, Follower, Enhancer, and Worship Beliefs. These beliefs unlock the ability to build two new buildings as well as a new combat unit, the Warrior Monk.

We also heard your requests for a deeper overall experience – and took that to heart with revamped religious combat.  Religious units can now exert Zone of Control and receive Flank and Support bonuses in religious combat. Meanwhile, the Guru religious support unit can heal nearby religious units.

Finally, the Religion Lens has been overhauled to improve overall usability and readability. You’ll also find UI touches, such as religion indicators on unit flags, to remove all guesswork on where a unit’s allegiance lies.


There are also a good number of UI, AI, and balance enhancements coming with the “Fall 2017 Update.” Here are some of the stand-out improvements.

The oceans are safe no longer, as the AI players have increased their building of naval units, as well as fleets and armadas. Additionally, they are better at healing and protecting their naval units. Brace for coastal assaults! With the upcoming addition of one of our new civs, this change is especially exciting.


We’re removing the least useful Gossip messages, which means you will now receive the most important news about what other players are up to, and you won’t have to search through all of the world’s happenings to get to it.

Finally, you’ll notice overall changes to the UI, including an update to the Diplomacy screens to ensure all information is clear and easy to find. Beyond this, the Great People art has been updated to feel more “great” and make this screen easier to navigate; Capital icons now show on city banners in the Espionage Mission selection menu, and many smaller changes have been made to the menus to make screens more moddable and extensible.

More changes are coming soon with the “Fall 2017 Update” and we’ll give you a full breakdown of everything going into it when it’s live. In the meantime, follow the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #OneMoreTurn, and be sure to follow the Civilization franchise on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and information on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.