Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – Mansa Musa Leads Mali

The Mali civ is the latest to bless the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm roster. Led by Mansa Musa, arguably the richest man who has ever lived, the Mali are an adaptable civ suitable for any victory condition. With strong economic and faith-based perks, the Mali can easily make up for, and surpass, the limitations hindering most desert-based empires.

Unique District – Suguba

This replacement for the Commercial Hub allows Mali to purchase Units, Buildings, and Districts at a reduced cost, with either Gold or Faith. Also provides additional Gold for adjacent Holy Sites, tiles containing a River edge, and bonus Gold for every two adjacent District tiles.   

Unique Ability – Songs of the Jeli

Provides City Centers with additional Faith and Food for every adjacent Desert and Desert Hills tile. Mines provide less Production to the city, but grant additional Gold output. Mali may purchase Commercial Hub district buildings with Faith, but suffer an overall Production penalty when constructing buildings or training units.

Unique Unit – Mandekalu Cavalry

This Medieval-era unit replaces the Knight and prevents Mali Trader units from being plundered, as long as they are on a land tile within four tiles of a Mandekalu Cavalry unit. Combat victories provide Gold equal to the unit’s base Combat Strength.  

Mansa Musa Unique Ability – Sahel Merchants

International Trade Routes grant Gold for each flat Desert tile within the originating city’s borders, and Sahel Merchants unlocks an additional Trader slot whenever Mali enters a Golden Age.  


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