Civilization VI - First Look: Simón Bolívar Leads Gran Colombia

Simón Bolívar, known colloquially as the Liberator, was a Venezuelan soldier and statesman who led much of South America in its successful campaign of liberation from Spain. He went on to become the first President of Gran Colombia, a state comprising many northern South American countries and parts of lower Central America from 1819 to 1831

Unique Leader Ability - Campana Admirable

Whenever Gran Colombia enters a new era, it automatically earns a unique unit, the Comandante General. This unit is granted regardless of which type of Age is triggered.

Unique Ability - Ejercito Patriota

Gran Colombia’s unique ability grants additional movement to all units. Additionally, promoting units does not end that unit’s turn.

Unique Unit - Comandante General

This unique unit has a wide range of passive and active effects. The Comandante General can increase combat bonuses, upgrade military units and more.

Unique Unit - Llanero

This musical warrior replaces the Cavalry unit and becomes stronger with each adjacent Llanero. If the Llanero is in range of a Commandante General activating their unique ability, the Llanero will regain all lost health.

Unique Improvement - Hacienda

The Hacienda provides Production, Gold and Housing bonuses, and a Food bonus for each adjacent Plantation. Haciendas and Plantations also receive Production bonuses for adjacent Haciendas.


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