Civilization VI - Ethiopia Pack Available Now

We’re excited to announce the Ethiopia Pack is available now, as part of the New Frontier Pass or as an individual $4.99 purchase.  


Today’s release of the Ethiopia Pack is the second in a planned series of premium and free updates for Civilization VI that we’re calling the New Frontier Pass. If you purchase the New Frontier Pass, you’ll also get the exclusive Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici Persona Packs, also available alongside the release of the Ethiopia Pack today. 

Here are the full update notes:

Persona Pack

Theodore Roosevelt (Rough Rider)

Unique Ability – Roosevelt Corollary

Agenda – Big Stick Policy

Theodore Roosevelt (Bull Moose)

Unique Ability – Antiquities and Parks

Agenda – The Bull Moose

Catherine De Medici (Magnificence)

Unique Ability - Catherine’s Magnificences

Agenda - Sumptuous Finery

Please note: Original Catherine De Medici can now be found as Catherine de Medici (Black Queen)

Ethiopia Pack


Ethiopia Civilization

Unique Ability – Aksumite Legacy

Unique Unit – Oromo Cavalry

Unique Improvement – Rock Hewn Church

Leader - Menelik II

Ability - Council of Ministers

Agenda - Ethiopian Highlands

New District
Diplomatic Quarter

Envoy bonuses have been rebalanced to tie into the Diplomatic Quarter and its Tier 1 and 2 buildings (more information on those below).

New Buildings


[Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm]
Secret Societies Game Mode

Discover the secret societies pulling the strings of civilization since the dawn of man. Only the most privileged have ever laid eyes on them. Each Society grants new unseen powers but make your selection carefully. Once a Society is joined, you can never leave.

This game mode adds four powerful and mysterious Secret Societies to the world. To make contact, seek out a Society where its influence might hide: Barbarian Camps, Tribal Villages, Natural Wonders, or City-States. Discovery is not guaranteed, but you are more likely to find a Society that other players have not discovered, or on continents where no Society has yet been discovered. Alternatively, invest in diplomatic visibility to learn about them from other leaders.

Discovering a Society unlocks a unique Governor with powerful bonuses, which players do not need to assign to a city. Once you become a member of a Society, you commit to membership for the rest of the game.

Alliances with players who are members of the same Society generate Alliance Points more quickly, and those players will have an improved opinion of you in diplomacy. Players who are members of a different Society, however, will dislike you once they are aware of your affiliation.

Owls of Minerva

Governor Bonuses:

Hermetic Order

Governor Bonuses:


Governor Bonuses:

Sanguine Pact

Governor Bonuses:

Free Game Update





Red Death

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