Scrambled Nations Map Pack available now on Steam!

Take one more turn with the Scrambled Nations map pack, the second of two map packs recently released for Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

The Scrambled Nations map pack includes maps for the geographic regions of Canada, Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Italy, Russia and China. The geographic outlines of each nation are exact; however, special scripts produce randomized interiors each time a new game begins, allowing for endless replayability.

Check it out here:

The Scrambled Continents map pack was released on October 15th and includes maps for the geographic regions of Africa, Eastern Asia, North and South America, Western Europe, Middle East, a thawed Antarctica, new scripted maps for Small Continents, Oceania, and one map including all of Earth’s continents. Both map packs are available for $4.99.

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