As part of our ‘Month of Mods’ in March, we asked our community to let us know about some of their favorite mods for Civilization V. By talking to the Redditors at, exploring conversations at the CivFanatics fansite and checking our own 2K Forums we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Civ V mods which can enhance and expand your game!

City Limits

The first mod from Kilandor, City Limits allows you to see the maximum range that a City can spread to. It will also show the radius when placing a Settler.

Faster Aircraft Animations

Gedemon has created a mod that speeds up your aircraft combat animations, making for a speedier game in the air. Steam user Kaiser Roll calls it “By far one of the most useful mods out there”, so consider it if you’re taking to the skies in Civilization V!

City-State Diplomacy Mod

Gazebo has created the City-State Diplomacy Mod for Civilization V: Brave New World. With this mod, players are encouraged to build and use diplomatic units and complete city-state quests to earn influence. This extensive mod adds diplomatic units, new buildings, and more – a must for the diplomatic Civ player.

Enhanced UI Interface

CivFanatic’s bc1 created the Enhanced User Interface for Civilization V. This mod only changes the way that a player interacts with the User Interface; there are no changes to gameplay. Using this mod means fewer clicks and more icons in play; give it a go if you want to streamline Civ.


This mod from CivFanatic’s robk shows all of the important information about civilizations in an easily digestible way: time based graphs. Separated into several sections, Historical Data graphs track civilizations’ statistics over time; the World Factbook provides what the author calls “Demographics on steroids” and Global Relations give a visual representation of global empire relationships. There is much more to explore, so if you’re statistically obsessed, get this mod!

Have you played Civilization V with any of these mods? Feel that we left a favorite off of the list? Let us know in the comments below!