Civilization V multiplayer update in progress

Firaxis Games is currently preparing an update for Civilization V. The update, which should automatically download through Steam once it is made available, is designed to address some multiplayer issues that have arisen since the previous patch.

Here's Firaxis Games' statement on this latest update:

After the latest balance patch for Civ V, we received a number of reports on instability in multiplayer matches. We have a hotfix in progress that should address recent issues with connectivity. This fix will only affect the multiplayer components of the game, and will not change any gameplay values or single player settings. We hope that this will improve the stability of multiplayer matches.

Make sure you have automatic updates enabled for your game: Go to your Steam library, right-click on Civilization V and then select Properties. Navigate over to the Updates tab and select "always keep this game up to date" from the dropdown menu. Then, once the update is live, Steam will automatically grab it!